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5 Ways to Energize Your Job Search with LinkedIn


The connections you make with LinkedIn can help you craft the most effective job search strategies when you’re looking to move up.

4 Tips for Professionals to maximize Career and Job Fairs

Maximizing Job Fairs / Career Fairs

While the idea of going to a job fair or career fair past the time of graduation from college may seem a tad galling, the fact is today's market is tougher than ever. People have to go where they need to in order to find opportunities. This means that executives, laid-off professionals, and stay-at-home parents hoping to rejoin the workforce are now having to navigate the choppy waters of job fairs more and more. Consider these 4 job search strategies for your experiences at these events.


A Personal Marketing Plan – A Map for Job Search Success

A Personal Marketing Plan is your MAP to success

Today, the job market is quite competitive. It is no longer enough to have a degree, offer a stellar resume and give a great interview in order to land a job. Instead, you must employ specific job search techniques that allow you to be seen as a problem solver to a company's needs. Try these personal marketing plan ideas to help you land the opportunity.  

Four Ways to Embellish Your Resume – Without Lying

Be Honest with your Resume

Even with Social Media, On-Line Bios and Portfolios, the tried and true Resume is still a vital tool in maximizing your job search success.  So, even if you have the ideal skills and experience, you may not have the opportunity to share that information if your resume presents you as an inferior commodity.  But, beware of the temptation to “add” accomplishments or information because you think it will get your resume more attention…doing so could come back to haunt you.

7 Old-School Job Search Strategies to Avoid

Old School Strategies should be avoided in a Job / Career Search

As you're mapping out your job search strategies, there are a few really "old school" methods you should discard. This should help you avoid wasting a lot of time & energy, so that you focus on what DOES work. Good Luck!

5 Tips to Enhance Marketability for Mature Career Seekers

Overcoming Age Discrimination in a Job Search

Workplace marketability is age-neutral. Prove your value and benefit and you’ll be hired.  The key for the mature worker conducting a job search is authenticating relevancy, fit and adaptability.  Here are five tips to enhance your marketability if you are a baby boomer seeking a career change, role transition or are switching industries.


7 Tips to be a Pro in Your Next Job Interview

Be an Interview Pro

You may feel confident that you can succeed in any job interview with little or no effort. However, you don't want to be over confident. If it’s been a while since you've had a job interview, it’s always a great idea to brush up on your job interview strategies and ensure that you are prepared to make every interview your best.  Here are the Seven Top Job Interview Techniques:    

6 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging your Career Search

6 Keys to Job Search Success

In today's market, it can seem harder than ever to find a job. It may be even more difficult if you are unintentionally hurting your own chances at snagging the job. There are quite a few ways to improve your chances of finding a job.  Here are the 6 actions which can keep from sabotaging your career search and strengthen your job search strategies. 

6 Most Common Questions about Career Networking

Career Networking

Ever wondered why some people languish for months in a job search while others land their next carreer opportunity almost instantly? Mostly, it has to do with how good you are at networking. For many people, it does not seem like an obvious solution to career problems. It runs contrary to conventional job-hunting, which involves sending resumes in response to ads and waiting. The path to jobs via networking is not always straightforward. Still, it is one of the best ways to maximize your employment success.

4 Job Interview Tactics to Help You Go From Good to Great

Interviewing Good to Great

When you’re interviewing for a job, one small mistake can cost you big-time. You need to employ the job interview tactics which will take your performance from good to great. Obviously you were intriguing enough on your resume, in your phone conversations or in email to wind up in the interviewer’s office. But here’s four tactics to push beyond…and take your good on paper, to great in practice.   

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